Men tend to get lost in dealing with women, many times they do not understand anything they are being told but they can learn.
Here are top ways to perfectly understand women.
Women need closeness: Women need to have a stable relationship, after a period of separation (even just one day) try to restore closeness as soon as you can women have to know you’re there. This does not mean that you have to set aside your own needs but you should not ignore your partner’s demands as if they were not with you because if you do, your relationship has the days counted.
If you do not know what she wants, ask: Often our partner behaves in a strange way, we know something is wrong but we can not guess what it is. The best, in this case, is to ask explicitly what she needs; avoid the archetypal “what’s wrong” (whose automatic answer is “nothing”, which really means “everything”) and, moreover, the dreadful “what are you thinking about?” It is best to choose phrase of the type: “Do you need something?” “Are you ok?” “Can I help you?” …
If your partner is less interested in s3x, empathy works: The idea that women are less concerned about s3x than men is false, if s3x does not work in the couple, something happens, but you should not take it as a personal rejection and, much less, pressure your partner to make love when she does not feel like it; stop thinking about why you are not synchronized with the s3xual issue, and think that the problem does not have to be yours perhaps your partner is blocked by an external aspect that you can not control, but you can help her overcome it. As always the important thing is not to cut the communication: ask, talk and try to be understanding.
Allow your partner to express their fears and support them: Women do not need a man to solve their problems, but they do need their partner to listen to them and support them. Women (as well as men) are reinforced by a positive attitude of their partners, which contributes to their overall well-being and the attainment of their goals.
Communication is key: As numerous studies have witnessed, communication is the basis of every love relationship, and flaws in it are the basis of most disruptions. If we can not express ourselves freely, or are afraid to tell what we think to our partner, the relationship has its days counted.  Try to talk as much as possible, listen and be honest. Although it seems that women and men communicate differently, frankly talking ends up always coming to a good ending.

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