October 13th is the “National No Bra Day” and was created in order to raise br€@$t cancer awareness and money for further research on the matter. Some women are pro bra, while other are against wearing them. But recently, a scientist came to a shocking discovery which will make you wonder if you should ever put on a bra again!
1. Br as under fire.
A recent study discovered that br as are harmful and provide no benefits at all. Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sport science researched conducted a 15-year study on the effects of bras in women between 18 and 35. The results showed that wearing a b ra doesn’t have any kind of impact on br€@$t support in younger women – in fact, it has the opposing effect! Rouillon states that women who didn’t wear a bra during the study had a 7 mm. lift in their n ipples, while the women who wore a bra had reduced blood circulation and reduced br€@$t tone over time.

2. To burn or not to burn your br as?
The women who didn’t wear b ras in the study did so by their own will. Another doctor who was not part of the study, claims that not wearing a b ra could increase collagen production and elasticity of the skin, leading towards improved br€@$t lift. The research was pretty interesting, but scientists suggest that it should be taken with a grain of salt due to the small number of participants (330 women).
According to scientists, further research on a bigger scale is needed, and we shouldn’t forget that some women wear b ras for different purposes that br€@$t support. Our advice is to wait and see results from further research before deciding on burning your b ras.

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