There were 231 840 new cases of female br€@$t cancer, and 2 350 new cases of male br€@$t cancer in 2015 in the USA. These numbers make people seek new ways to prevent br€@$t cancer.
According to a study, there was one or more parabens in 99% of the tissue samples from 40 mastectomies!
You need to learn all about the toxins and pollutants in the environment so you can learn how to avoid them. A 2012 study found one or more parabens in 99% of the tissue samples collected from 40 mastectomies. If you’re wondering what parabens are, they are chemicals often put in deodorants, cosmetics and sunscreen as a preservative.
An LSU team of scientists recently found a cocktail made of 6 compounds found in fruit, vegetables, spices and plant roots that killed all cancer cells it came in contact with!

There are many studies under way that are trying to find a natural cure for cancer. Recently, a scientist team from the LSU Health and Sciences Center in New Orleans discovered a cocktail of six compounds present in fruits, vegetables, spices and plant roots that eliminated 100% of br€@$t cancer cell samples.
The team revealed that a blend of curcumin, isoflavone from soybeans, Indo-3 carbinol from cruciferous plants, C-phycocyanin from spirulina, resveratrol from grapes and quercetin from tea successfully inhibited br€@$t cancer cell growth by about 80%, prevented their migration and invasion and caused cell cycle arrest that eliminated all the cells.

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