Dear respected ladies, there exist some rules of engagement that many ladies fail. You are engaged now, really, what next? Yes, it is marriage fever next! But did I mention you are only engaged but not married, yet?
Some reasons why most ladies feel used and dumped is when they get intoxicated by the ring affixed to their finger by some guy and the guy does not show up thereafter, maybe, after having her countless times!
My dear ladies , don’t you think you are worth more than somebody’s bed material?
Let’s cite some areas that get ladies intoxicated while wearing the ring:
1. You are only engaged not married.
I understand you must feel like a wife already but the fat truth is, you are not his wife yet but a name in his wife-list. Do you know? I bet you do not. Do not be overjoyed by the ring, rather be overjoyed by the wedding night. Ladies should keep their body untouched while hanging around the person you are engaged to.
Yes, you may say ‘I’m his wife to be so it does not matter if I give him my body.’ Another piece of truth there is, notwithstanding that the body is yours, you really are not his wife to be until you become his wife! During that period, men may propose to ladies who they think are outstanding, special and better than any other ladies in the world.
Have you imagined; what if he thinks you so cheap and sees a more outstanding a lady who has your clone qualities but deprives him sex which you give him in plenty buckets? Oh dear, he has slept with you so, that ‘special you’ bar is decreasing and will continue to decrease any female pride you may have shown, even peradventure, you get married. He may even end up dumping you politely and going for someone better(that part that you feel you have been over-used).
What is my point?
Don’t you have sex with the person you are engaged to. Keep your pride. Tell them simply should they try to deceive you saying ‘you are my wife to be already, so you shouldn’t deprive me sex.’
Dear, stand for your rights and what will help you afterwards, tell him, also logically that ‘yes, I maybe your wife to be, so, if I am your ‘so wife to be’, why can’t you wait till the wedding night? ‘
Tips: Ladies who don’t indulge in sex before marriage earn more respect, longer marriage than others. Reason is, their husbands seem to keep that first respect she has shown. Failure to observe the rule of engagements may lead to regrets.
2. Most men giving engagement rings are not ready for marriage. Don’t get ensnared by this. This is a cup-filled reason you have to always study your partner in the course of dating them. They will only hover around you longing for the juicy hannah montanna. Yes, they are humans, they know most girls will get lured wearing their deceptive rings.
3. When you find someone good, stop looking for someone better. It explains itself. Use your instinctual calculating brain-book to harness the equation.
4. Stop longing to wear guys’ ring, you are NOT the lord of their rings. Yes, I understand that age doesn’t favour women when not married but even at that, don’t be desperate to wear a guy’s ring.
Guys, normally do notice desperate ladies when it comes to marriages and the wolf-like may come to hang their ‘ring’ on your finger to have you then disappears, then, this chase for marriage may end in suffeRING.

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