Women are bound to get mixed signals and misread signals as a response from a man she is hugely attracted to, especially if he pays her a bit of attention though he might not feel the same way.

Here are some few signs women often misinterpret from men.
He tells you everything about himself: “He may confide in you because he feels he can trust you to keep his secret safe, it doesn’t mean he wants to date you”.
He says you both have a lot in common: “Like minds attract, so it’s unusual to have a common interest with him but don’t read too much meaning into the similarities”.
He loves to tease you: “People often say it means he likes you, but it’s advisable to wait and see how he’s like with other females”.
He laughs at your jokes: “Doesn’t matter if they are funny or not, it still doesn’t mean he actually interested”.
He’s always there for you: “The fact a man is always at your beck and call doesn’t mean he wants to date you, he may just be doing these favours as a friend”.
He says he wants ‘someone like you’: “This could mean he like you but saying he wants ‘someone like you’ may mean he wants someone else with your attributes”.

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