Women are well aware that they are a profound mystery to men, even if you think you know your wife, there is a chance you only know what’s on the surface. There are some secrets women keep from their husbands,(they believe men keep secrets too), and you have a lifetime to learn them all. But to make the experience a bit better, I have listed below some of the secrets women keep from their husbands. She may have more than these or just a few, Some may shock you, others may be things you’ve suspected for a long time (but never had the nerve to ask about).
1. The price of almost everything we buy for ourselves.
Honesty is truly the best policy, but most women hide the price of what they buy for themselves from their husbands.The truth is the shoe she bought, is most likely 20% more than the price she told you. Women do this, so they won’t have to argue with you over the price of hat skincare product or over the price of the fancy shampoo.
2. Secret bank account
Almost every married women today has a secret bank account her husband knows nothing about. Even our mothers had secret bank accounts, which they kept for different reasons. Most of the time it’s for the family backup while for some it something to fall back on just in case the relationship doesn’t work.
Finances are the major cause of divorce, so you need to be very careful if you have a secret account which your husband knows nothing about.
3. We may be modern and independent, but we still want you to be “the man”
Most 21st century women, who happen to be independent still wants to be taken care of her man somehow. She still wants him to do all kinds of chivalrous things for her. Whether that means you take charge in bed, know how to fix the car and kill spiders, or even just carry the big suitcase when we’re on vacation, when you act all manly, even if you’re 98 pounds soaking wet, it makes us feel more feminine, safe.
4. Health Concerns
If a woman finds a suspicious mole, a lump in her breast, or has an otherwise disconcerting “symptom”, she is most likely to stay mum or downplay her anxieties.
Women will hide worrisome concerns from their spouses, to protect them, and probably decrease distress, especially if it serious.
However, this gut instinct to stay quiet about your problem, only makes matters worse, because that does not mean that the problem does not exist. You are only closing yourself off to support, and not allowing him to see your concerns.
You deserve a shoulder to lean on, and a tag-team support is what marriage is all about, so stop hiding serious issues from your men.
5. We cherish our independence and “me” time more than you’ll ever know.
We say we miss you but are often secretly glad you’re gone so we can totally relax and be ourselves. But we still love it when you come back.
6. Personal Successes
Believe it or not, women are less inclined to go home and gloat about a promotion at work, a big raise, or even an improved marathon time. They do not share successes enough. They do not want to feel there is a race between themselves and their spouse and think discussing their successes interferes with the male provider role.
But let us be honest, some men feel threatened by their women bringing in more pay cheques than they are.
7. Sex bual Preferences
A lot of wives are not honest with their husbands when it comes to her s3xual preferences. Women don’t talk about s3x as much as they should with their husband. Women are sometimes worried that what they’ll say will hurt their men’s feelings.

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