In love relationships, there are always ups and downs and it is inevitable that there will be fights, both men and women comment on mistakes their partners make all the time, but there are certain actions that men often do during dating that you should not ignore.
Here are some of those “things” that every woman hates that her boyfriend does:
See other women in an obvious way: “Every girl knows that men do this, and it is more common for them to let it happen but to make this so obvious is a lack of respect, a bit of discretion is not bad, don’t you think?”.
Overly male chauvinist: “At this time women tolerate less macho attitudes, but there are men in whom this behavior is very ingrained”.
Disrespectful to others: I”t is uncomfortable and disappointing – to know the negative aspects of the person we love, we can tolerate some that do not violate the dignity of you or others, but if your partner has proven to be superior to others you should not let it pass; you should probably talk to the man in question about his attitude and tell him that you don’t like his abusive behavior with other people”.
Ignores her: “Whether the man is into video games, chatting with his friends or directing his full attention to another pretty girl, stop, no person likes to be ignored and less if it is your partner”.
When he acts as if he knows everything: “It is detestable that a person is arrogant, nor is it comfortable to be next to someone who wants to show off and get everyone’s attention”.
Jealousy: “It is not pleasant to be in a relationship where independence is not respected, individual time is also healthy for love relationships; a woman is much happier knowing that her boyfriend is sure of the relationship and does not worry about losing her”.
Not listening to her: “It’s simple, no one likes not to being listened, you should listen and respect the ideas of others”.

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