concerned about your appearance, do not let this happen to you and keep them at your feet. Here are 7 things that men dislike about women, take note girls:
Extravagant cuts: “Although men know that women love to be on the latest trend of fashion, the truth is that those strange cuts away from making you look lovely, really end up with all the passion in a man, it is awful, do not do it, girls, men hate them”.
Excess makeup: “Although we can not deny that in some cases the makeup makes miracles, that of contemplating horrible artificial plasters on your face, get muddy whenever there are hugs or worse, discover a totally different person when you wash your face, is simply scary”.
Dry skin: “Indisputably one of the things that men love most in women is undoubtedly the softness of their skin, so be careful because if you are one of the girls who hate facial cream, I assure you that no man will be interested in caressing you because they do not want a girl with a skin that is more scratchy than sandpaper”.
Bad breath: “This is something that men simply hate and it is obvious, or who would dare to kiss someone with a breath capable of making you vomit in seconds?”.
Excessive perfume: “Yes, it is true, all men enjoy its exquisite aroma, however, the truth is that bathing in perfume is not exactly the best idea, remember, everything with measure, nothing in excess”.
Wearing makeup in public: “ERROR, we know of the enormous sacrifices you make to look like little girls and believe me, all men thank you, but it is important if you want to look like the real queens you are, to stop doing this right now, it is all or nothing; there is nothing more desperate for a man than to see his girl putting makeup on in front of everyone, they hate it”.
Not to be depilated: “Universal rule: a woman should always be well shaved, clear it unless you are a guy and you like to look like a chimpanzee, men love your clean skin, do not torture them with hairy legs and armpits, please”.

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