A man’s greatest enemy is his own self because most times the battle one have to fight to become a greater man or woman is the battle within “Oneself” and if one does not save oneself from the rot within, one will only keep rotting.
Below are everyone must save him/herself from.
Jealousy: “If there’s one thing you must save yourself from, it’s jealousy, jealousy will push you to make the wrong decisions, it will take away your peace and will make you an ugly person”.
Ugly habits: “Ugly habits like quarrelling, malice, gossips, keeping grudges, harbouring hatred, rudeness, arrogance and pride, greed and envy — habits like this make you stink on the inside, save yourself from these habits and be beautiful in and out”.
Competition: “Life isn’t a competition, so why make it one? The sky is big enough for all the birds to fly; so stop looking at what others are doing and start looking at what you have to do”.
Wrong association: “You are as good as the company you keep, keep the right company and you will reap the benefits but keep the wrong one and you will suffer from it so save yourself from the wrong company today”.
Ignorance: “Information is power; what you know is who you are and ignorance is a destroyer, and the more ignorant you get, the more destroyed you become so seek tangible information, seek the right knowledge, don’t assume you know it all and you’ll save yourself from the siege called ignorance”.
Distractions: “Save yourself from anything that will kill your focus in life, your focus is all that you have to reach where you are heading to; take away your focus and you have nothing left; save yourself from anything that will kill this focus”.
So answer this question truthfully, are you your own biggest enemy? Ponder on it and save yourself today!

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