There is this common saying among ladies once a guy breaks their heart, that “men are the same” without them knowing that there are several good guys out there and that at times they are the ones that unknowingly attracts the Heartbreakers with their things they do and their characters and same with the guys.
“Relationships are a lot of work, which means both partners have to work together to make their relationship work”.
Below are some tips on how to avoid dating an heartbreaker over and over again, these tips will help both male and female ensure you don’t make the same mistakes ever again
Enjoy Being Single: “Enjoy the life of the ‘single pringle’ as it helps you understand yourself and look within to reach your innermost self and by the time someone comes along, you already understand yourself well enough not to lose yourself”.
Don’t compromise beyond reason: “Almost every relationship involves some kind of compromise but there is a difference between compromises that help the make the relationship better and those that make you lose yourself; if you have to lose your identity to keep the relationship, it’s not worth it”.
Give yourself time to heal from your last relationship: “You think you already healed from your last relationship but you really need more time, don’t be quick to jump at the first person who shows even the slightest interest in you so you can feel loved again; give yourself time between serious relationships to heal because that way you’ll be better prepared to go after what you want, you’ll be less likely to compare your new beau to your ex, too”.
Know the kind of person you want to be with: “Learn from your past relationships, you know the things that didn’t make the last one work and don’t think it will be different with this new person; relationships are definitely another sort of work, but it doesn’t have to be hard work”.
Just stop looking: “This is the very important, make the process as natural as possible and don’t force it”.

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