Every time is not the same even with s3 x, sometimes one is very tired while at other times you are super excited and want to try something new and adventurous which is why one s3 x position does not work all the time.
Below are few positions you can pick and choose based on your mood, let’s get started!
“When you are super tired or are lazy, a s 3x position that can help you get through the night is spooning, it can help you to unwind after a tiring day at work or home”.

“There are times when you become too adventurous and are in the mood to try challenging positions if this is the case with you tonight, then s3 x positions such as the standing wheel barrow might fit the bill”.
“When you are in a hurry and all you have is few minutes, then qu ickie is the best bet, it can help you to up the heat in a minute”.
“If you are in the mood for cu d dling, kissing and fondling, then the positions that can work for you is the missionary po sition, you can even try the cocoon position which gives the guy scope to play around her upper body”. 
“If you are in no mood to try out a different s3x position and believe in comfort, then you can get to the basics, s3x positions like the do0 ggy style, woman on top and reverse cow girl can help you to have a steamy affair”.

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