You contracted herpes: “If the rash on your buttocks is itchy, red and has painful blisters, you are probably having a herpes breakout, herpes can infect the skin of your bottom along with your genitals and mouth”.
You have a fungal infection: “If you notice a scaly patch on your butt and it is red and itchy, it is probably a fungal infection, remember fungus thrives in moist and dark places and the cheeks of your butt create a lot of heat and friction for the fungus to thrive”.
You have haemorrhoids: “Check for haemorrhoids if it is super itchy on your anus, all the swelling and inflammation can lead to irritation, pain and itchiness”.
You have butt acne: “If the itchiness is accompanied with pimple-like bumps on your buttocks, it is butt acne, you can prevent butt acne by wearing only fabrics that allow your skin to breathe”.
You have psoriasis: “If it is red, scaly and itchy just above your butt crack, you might be suffering from psoriasis, other signs of psoriasis include pink and white patches and flakes”.

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