The following are the results after conducting a survey in which more than 4,000 women have been asked to use the web about s3xual errors that men make in bed. Here are fatal errors of men in bed.
Not being a “man” in bed: Small things like giving the back after s3x, hogging all bedding, not taking off your socks or looking at the Smartphone if you get a message is enough to cut the roll to a woman and this image is far from the ideal man.
Being narcissistic: The women surveyed another thing that irritates them very much of their partner during s3x is the tendency to focus too much on what they like, which is why often the relationship cools. This type of man tends to continually demand stimuli to get his satisfaction and does not reciprocate.
Saying obscenities: Of course, some women like to put a spicy touch during s3x saying something that rises in pitch, but some women often feel insecure to think that men’s mind is more focused on obscenities.
Not being creative or spontaneous: Everyone sooner or later gets bored because of monotony, predictable caresses, and if you do not try new things like doing it in different places, for example, and you are the one who prefers the comfort of the bed, this may be one of the reasons why the emotion and passion of s3x in your relationship has been destroyed.
The final mistake: Skipping the preliminaries, just do not do it, it is scientifically proven that many women take longer to become aroused and to have an0rgasm, it is very important to spend enough time for your partner to be ready.

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