Struggle to keep the passion alive: “Normally, when two people in love start a relationship, the passion in that relationship is normally high; but when the relationship starts getting older, the passion drops (that is if they don’t keep the fire burning in that relationship), when you struggle to keep the passion alive then it’s quite obvious that your interest in that relationship has waned”.
Excuses: “When you start making excuses for everything, it’s another major sign that you don’t care about the relationship anymore; excuses show nonchalance and nonchalance in a relationship is just a sign that you are only counting your days to the end of the relationship”.

Unhappy: “When you are in a relationship and you aren’t happy, and nothing is even making you happy to be in that relationship, it’s just a sign that you have lost the desire to be in that relationship; and when there is no desire, love can’t exist in that relationship”.
Feel better without your partner than with your partner: “This is also another clear sign that your relationship is wearing you out and you need to move on, when you feel heavy and have this feeling of reluctance of being with your partner then it’s obvious that you’re tired of the relationship; sometimes, people feel better when they are alone than when they are with their partners and for this they shrug when they have to see their partner and this is a huge sign that you have totally lost interest in that relationship”.
Start harbouring the thought of quitting: “When one starts harbouring thoughts of quitting the relationship, it’s a major sign that such person is tired of the relationship, every action we take in this life starts with a thought; thoughts are the seed that makes action possible and it’s no doubt that when you start harbouring these kinds of thoughts then you are actually tired”.

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