There are always warning signs before a relationship ends but most people tend to ignore those signs. Before your partner breaks up with you they unconsciously send out warning signs because once they know the end of the relationship is near their actions are always affected and it’s good you know so they don’t take you unawares and dump you.
Here are clear signs your woman is about to dump you for another man.
She is hanging out with this new guy a lot: “Most times, women love to secure a new relationship before they leave and if she is about to dump you, she might probably be doing that at the moment, we all have friends from the opposite s3x and there is actually nothing wrong with that but when she suddenly starts hanging out with this particular guy almost every time she is free, chances are she’s losing interest in you and hoping to start a new relationship with this new guy and if you call or text her when she is with him and she ignores you, that could just be a huge sign”.
She takes forever to reply: “If she is tired of the relationship and wants out, it becomes difficult for her to pick your calls or reply messages, we are not saying she should always reply on time or pick your calls always as she might be too busy to reply sometimes but when it becomes a habit, then it’s obvious she wants out, she would be happy to pick your calls or reply your messages if she wants to be with you”.
She seems lost when she is with you: “If she wants out, it becomes so difficult for her to concentrate on you when you are with her, it’s like her mind is always somewhere when she is with you; when a woman wants to be with a man, he becomes her focus of attention; everything he does seems interesting to her and if she wants out, you become too boring for her”.
Everything becomes an issue: “When a woman wants out, everything you do annoys her and you observe it becomes so easy for her to pick up fights; there isn’t any perfect relationship and people should also understand misunderstandings are normal in every healthy relationship but there are misunderstandings in relationships that signal the end, when the misunderstandings become frequent and the reason for the misunderstanding isn’t enough for her to act that way, she might just be looking for a way to get out of the relationship and she might be looking for a way to make you get pissed off so you end it first and take the blame for the collapse of the relationship”.
Your friends and family stop appealing to her: “In the beginning, she always wanted to hang out with your family members and your friends too, the truth is when a woman sees a future with a man, she knows securing a place in the heart of his friends and family is important but if she suddenly stops you from seeing her parents and other important people in her life and she also avoids meeting your parents and other important people in your life, the sign is so clear she wants out”.

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