S3x is a two edged sword that can connect two souls together in a relationship and can also tear them apart”. There is always a point when one’s partner will be in the mood for s3x and also won’t be in the mood and it is understanding that would make the relationship better at times when a partner is not in the mood for s3x.
“Every relationship would have what they deem as too much or too little s3x and understanding how not to surpass any would be a plus”. It is important to know the signs that you are disturbing your partner for too much s3x and this will make understand them more and also stop you from feeling bad and thinking they are cheating on you.
Below are 4 clear signs you are asking for too much s3x from your partner.
Marked with complaints: “When your partner starts complaining every time you want s3x then you need to know that he/she has had enough and just needs a break, those complaints pass a huge message that he or she needs to be left alone; it doesn’t mean that he/she no longer cares but s3x can be tiring at times”.
No passion: “When you notice a dip in passion, this could be another reason, when one is tired of s3x, he/she loses the passion to make love and that passes a signal that the s3x might just be getting too much”.
Hardly in the mood: “When your partner is hardly ever in the mood, it could be for the fact that he/she is tired of having too much s3x, not everyone is wired to having too much s3x; some people just need only a little and asking for much could kill the feeling”.
Would say so indirectly: “When your partner starts passing a message of slowing down when it comes to the number of times you guys do it then a message is being passed across, directly telling one to stall from s3x might seem rude so the best way deemed possible is by passing the message indirectly”.

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