Most men do not know when a girl is attracted to them because they do not know how to read a woman.
Today, I will be sharing with the guys in the house 3 simple tests that will help you know, for sure, if a girl finds you attractive because even the slightest evidence of attraction can be very useful and can give you the courage to turn a friendly relationship into a hot and fun adventure.
She initiates physical contact: Most men do not understand the importance of touching when interacting with women if a girl touches you means that she feels comfortable with you and likes you because, with her touch, she is building s3xual tension.You should note the duration and quality of the touches. Does she touch you very often? Does she touch you in a soft and tender way? Watch how the quality of her touches changes as she begins to feel comfortable around you and as the s3xual tension begins to grow but if she does not start the touch, you can taste the water and touch her subtly. If she responds positively, it means that she likes you.
She shares personal things: If a girl is interested in you she will not only talk to you, she will communicate with you, she will be sharing personal things she is building a bond with you and she is also testing you to see if you have what it takes to be a good boyfriend. Remember, women are programmed to look for a man who can protect them and who can be a great provider; no matter what she shares with you, show her that you are in control and that you are more than qualified to protect her, you need to carry out your male role at all times. You can feel, after all, you are a human being but you can not allow your emotions to control you because if you control your emotions when you are with her, she will feel safe when she is with you.
The eyes do not lie: When interacting with a woman, be sure to look into her eyes as this will create s3xual tension between the two of you and if she does not break eye contact, it means she likes you. If she looks at your mouth when she breaks the eye contact, it means she’s inviting you to kiss her but as a general rule, never throw yourself for the kiss start by looking at her mouth and then lean forward until you complete 90% of the way, then let her travel the remaining 10%.

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