Here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t say “I love you” too soon:
“Saying “I love you” too soon might seem unbelievable at times because when quickly said, it might lose its meaning and that person wouldn’t believe you and might choose to stay away from you”.

“Action speaks louder than words, one easily believe what one can see than what one is being told so before you start saying how you feel, show it first with your action — that’s what makes it believable”.
“Let that person warm up to you first, love becomes reciprocal when two people feel the same way but when it’s just one person feeling it, then it won’t be reciprocated so take your time and show that person how you feel before you say how you feel; let the person warm up to you first, and then it’ll be easier for the person to accept you”.
So never ever make the mistake of saying “I love you” too soon.

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