1. EVERY TIME THAT YOU ASK ABOUT HIM POPPING THE QUESTION, HE LAUGHS IT OFF OR CHANGES THE SUBJECT. This is a sign that he’s really not comfortable making a promise, simply because he’s not interested in marrying you. No matter how hard you press the issue, this guy has already made up his mind about his future, and it doesn’t involve walking down the aisle with you

2. HE FLAT-OUT TOLD YOU HE DOESN’T BELIEVE IN MARRIAGE. When a guy says this, what he really means is that he doesn’t believe in marriage with you. This is a sign that he’s already made up his mind, and that if you decide to be with him, a wedding will never be in the picture.
3. HE WON’T EVEN CALL YOU HIS GIRLFRIEND. If you can’t get him to commit to being your actual boyfriend, what makes you think that him becoming a hubby is going to happen?
4. WHEN YOU BRING UP MARRIAGE, HE GETS DEFENSIVE, ANGRY, OR ANNOYED. This reaction means one of two things: he hates that he’s being called out on his crap, or he’s really sick and tired of hearing the marriage talk. Either way, it’s no bueno.

5. HE’S REALLY NOT INTERESTED IN HAVING YOU MEET OR HANG OUT WITH HIS FAMILY. Marriage is a merger of families, and if he’s not into the idea of marrying you, he will want to keep both families separate. This way, his family won’t get too attached to you, and vice versa.
6. HE’S BEEN ACTING LIKE HE’S ABOUT TO BREAK UP WITH YOU. If he’s been getting more distant, refusing to talk about problems, and is talking about taking a break, marriage is almost certainly out of the question.

7. WHEN YOU ASK ABOUT HIS FUTURE PLANS, THEY NEVER INCLUDE YOU. The reason for this is because he doesn’t view you as part of his future. At this point, you’re a placeholder at best and about to be ditched at worst.
8. IN FACT, HE DOESN’T ASK YOU ABOUT YOUR FUTURE, EITHER. A lack of interest in your future means that he generally isn’t going to plan his life with you in mind.

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