Good relationships are hard to find. People find their special someone but very often fail to nurture their relationship afterwards. Most men put their best foot forward when they pursue the women they love, but their effort diminishes as their relationship develops and progresses. This eventually causes their relationship to break apart. However this does not mean that only men are to be blamed for failed relationships. There are two sides to every coin, women also engage in things that ruin relationships. But here, we would be focusing only on what men do to make relationships go sour. These are ten of the biggest mistakes that men make in relationships.

1. He fails to be the man

Every woman wants her man to he her knight in shining armor. Every guy should show confidence and command over every situation. A girl should always feel safe knowing her man can protect her from every situation. It is also important that you know how to make firm decisions for yourself and for both of you. In short, be the man!

2. He wants her to see things his way

All men admit that they may never fully understand the way women think. But to make a relationship work, a guy has to accept that men and women have a different way of understanding and accepting things. A man cannot expect a woman to always see things the way he does because she will always have her own perspective and views about certain issues.

4. He makes her feel unimportant

Every girl should feel that she is important to the man she is in a relationship with, otherwise she will begin to question his love for her. Some guys become too busy or distracted with other things that they forget that their partner needs time and attention too. It’s just a matter of time before a girl gives up on a guy who makes her feel neglected and unimportant.

5. He is insensitive to her feelings

Women are more sensitive than men, and guys should know that. Women also tend to say that they are okay even if there is something bothering them. A man should be sensitive enough to read between the lines and he should be aware when things don’t seem to be okay between them. He should be aware of his partner’s feelings and he should always be ready let her know that he is there to comfort her when she is down. Failing to recognize when a woman is sad or angry at you often leads to a lot of conflict in a relationship.

He has lost her trust and respect

Trust and respect are two important factors in keeping a relationship strong. If a guy does things that make a girl lose her trust and respect for him, then he can never make her see him the same way she did before. Guys who cheat and lie will never be able to handle a relationship well.

He becomes the enemy

A woman should feel safe with her man. He should be the guy she runs to whenever she has a problem. But when a guy fails to support a girl in her time of need, or he opposes the things that matter to her then she will begin to see him more of an enemy than her partner.

He is too selfish

Successful relationships require a give and take between a man and a woman. If a guy is too self absorbed, then their relationship is a one way street that leads to a dead end.

He forgets to appreciate her

To a woman, every little compliment counts. It makes her unhappy when her man fails to appreciate her and her efforts to make him happy. If she is constantly criticized by the one person she seeks approval from, then there is a chance that she will get tired of being ignored.


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