True friends are awesome people that can brighten up your day with few words and actions and they can help a lot in making or breaking you. Friends come and go which is why you should always add one more person to your best friend list which is YOU because when everyone leaves you will always be with yourself till your last breath.
“You have to be your own best friend first before because there so many things about you that only you can understand and what could more awesome than that?”
Below 4 reasons why you should be your own best friend:
Because one else knows you better than yourself: “You should be your own friend because you are the one who knows yourself best, you can go to your friends for help, advice, or motivation but it is you in the end who makes the final decision to accept that help, or take your own advice, for you know what you truly need so if you want a friend who knows exactly what you are feeling, and is always there when you need them, go ahead and turn to yourself”.
Because you deserve your own kindness: “Friends are kind and love to cheer us up, and you deserve this kind of friendship with yourself, you should be able to call yourself “flawless” and compliment yourself in the morning like “I woke up like this!” you are beautiful, so cherish that and believe it; you should proud of yourself, go ahead and express that to yourself, in whatever way you want”.
It’s your job to love and motivate yourself, no one else’s!: “Yes, so many of us ladies have set in stone that it is others jobs to motivate us or make us feel better about ourselves but this is not true. because it is actually your job to understand your worth and motivate yourself to be the best you, you could possibly be, you should not only depend on outside influence or compliments to make you feel valued, for you should understand how much you are worth which is A LOT and be perfectly satisfied with just that”.
Because it’s cool to be besties with yourself: “It’s actually really cool being your own best friend, people will admire the way you love yourself, and don’t need outside validation; they will see how confident you are, and want to know why you are so confident”.
So go ahead and be your best friend, give yourself a try, and learn to be besties with yourself, and always motivate other ladies to be their own besties as well.

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