Confusion always seems to be an imperative part of most relationships, we all get confused one time or the other about how our partner feels about us, whether he is still into us or not and you will want to get that assurance.
Having doubt if your man still loves you or not, here are some signs to help you know if your man is still into you.
No matter what, he makes time for you: “He finds time to listen to your talks rather than cribbing about his bad luck and frustration because in fact, listening to your not-so-important talks helps him to relieve his stress, ever encountered such a situation? f yes, that person truly loves you and evidently considers you special”.
Your unimportant stuffs are important for him: “When you gift him something, he not only appreciates the gift but also keeps the gift wrapper carefully with him, if such trivial unimportant things hold value for him only because they remind him of the moments you both spent together, then he certainly loves you a lot”.
He is protective towards you: “He always make sure you don’t get harmed in any way, he is like a guiding angel, he is always ready to protect you and look after you which signal his deep, protective love for you”.

He keeps your silly pics: “He’s got a whole bunch of pics where you are looking sleepy, droopy or even stoned, he’s even photo bombed some of them but he still loves them and is even willing to frame them as finds them precious”.
He makes you feel good: “Have you started laughing more often after meeting him?if his overwhelming response to your actions and words, even the trivial ones make you feel important and loved, you should start thinking about taking this friendship a step forward”.
He never fails to surprise you: Does he present a gift to you in the most unexpected situations? Does he love surprising you? men often shower gifts on those who are close to our hearts as it is a sign of attachment and affection and tends to strengthen the bond”.
He tries to get your attention: “Does he often try to make you care more about him? does he tell you about his bad experiences so that your affectionate words can soothe him? men often want attention from those whom we love and are sometimes even willing to do unnecessary things to get them care more about them”.
You are his priority: “Despite of heavy schedules and full time work load, he manages to take you out for a movie or a dinner, such actions show that he considers nothing more important than you”.
He listens to you: “Does he want your opinion in multiple decisions of his life? From career to wearing the right shirt, does he respect and value your words? actions are louder than words and there is a great probability that he secretly loves you”.

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