Falling in love is a good thing but when most women fall in love, they tend to go overboard with it and end up making common mistakes people who rush for love make.
Women should learn to put a rein on their emotions, as most times their emotions only make them make silly mistakes which might subject them to slavery misinterpreted as love. “Many relationships fail because the people who go into them do not know what they want; some base their emotions and feelings on vague things. It is inevitable for pseudo-relationships like that to crash”.

Below are some silly mistakes ladies make when they fall in love.
Completely forgets how to be alone: “Once a woman falls in love, everything immediately becomes a “we” and an “us” affair, which isn’t supposed to be the case you should never let go of your independence or forget the role it plays in your happiness”.
Rush into s3x: “Realize it’s your body and things should be at your pace, love doesn’t have to mean s3x immediately, speeding into the sheets because you call him your “bae” is a rookie love mistake”.
Abandon their friends: “Of course, your friends will understand if you go MIA for a while when a great new love enters your life but if you choose to get lost in love and give up on friendships altogether, that’s a decision they won’t be as likely to forgive and will definitely not forget”.
Compromise when you really don’t have to: “Allowing him to lord over things that secretly drive you mad in the name of love is not how you build an unbreakable relationship, your standards matter from the start – someone who truly love you won’t ask you to compromise them”.
Go crazy on social media: “Before giving him a starring role on Instagram, facebook etc be sure he’s ready to be your leading man, filling your feed with your couple pictures could backfire if you’re rushing a connection that may not be built to last because once you go public, there’s no turning back”.
Blow off all the other guys: “While we’re not advocating dating multiple guys at the same time, cutting every other man you know, or was romantically linked to, out of your life too soon may make for many awkward apologies later, especially if they were friends worth having”.

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