Comparing your relationship with other people’s relationship will do nothing good for you or your relationship instead you will become more insecure because you will always be one foot out the door in your relationship.
Every relationship is unique in its own way with its own strengths as well as weaknesses which is why you should never make anybody’s relationship a standard for your relationship.
Below are few reasons to never compare your relationship with other people’s relationship.

“You will always think of the negative things and the negative things make it look like everyone else is better than your partner but what you don’t know is that the grass is never greener on the other side in this case”
“You will not remember that no one is without fault including you and you aren’t perfect, so don’t expect perfection from your partner”.
“You may be envied by others or other’s may be thinking the exact opposite of what you think of your relationship”.
“You will never see the full picture in other people’s relationship, you only see the unrealistic part in the relationship of others that they want you to see and totally forget that they have their downsides”.
“You aren’t being fair to your partner by comparing your relationship to other people’s relationship”.
“You will sink deeper into depression by watching the seemly perfect of other people’s relationship as each day goes by which your’s is not perfect”.
“You will miss the awesome parts of own your relationship by focusing on what you don’t have instead of being grateful for what you have”.

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