This crying woman needs helpMy name is Emmanuella, a 30-year-old married woman with two kids. I have been married to Bayo for seven years now but I can tell you that I do not enjoy my marriage any longer.

I am really fed up with the way my husband ra pes me regularly is if I am a pr0stitute whose only duty is to give him se xual satisfaction.
The most annoying thing is that whenever I report him to his family members, they will say that as since he is my husband, I should not call it r ape.
They seem to think that as long as I remain his property, he has every right to do anything he wants with me.
Our pastor and his wife have spoken to Bayo several times but instead of my husband stopping the se xual assault on me, he increases the intensity.
The whole thing started in the second year of our marriage when I was six months pregnant with our first child. I remember vividly the moment Bayo came home drunk and met me lying down on the sofa. I was having cr@mps in my stomach and was rolling around in pains.
I expected my husband to ask me how I was feeling since I had called him to tell him I was not feeling fine. Instead, my husband stripped himself n@ked and told me he wanted to have s ex.
I was surprised at him because normally, Bayo would have taken me to the hospital but that night, all he wanted was s ex, not minding what I was going through. I told him I could not have s ex with him as I was in serious pains.
But he said he did not care whether I was dying and before I knew what was happening, Bayo had torn my night gown and r aped me on the floor of the sitting room. When he was done, he left me there crying and went inside and slept off.

Since that first experience, Bayo has made it a duty to forcefully have s ex with me whether I was in the mood or not. Even when I had our second baby, Bayo raped me barely three days later.
I am really fed up and if this assault does not stop, I will have no option but to file for a divorce because I have had enough.

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