Do you think your relationship is in deep trouble and there are slim chances of reviving it? it may be a sign that you should just let go and move on because if you don’t you might end up in a sorry state when the relationship finally crumbles.
Here are 9 obvious signs that it is time to walk away from that relationship.
You’re fighting more: “When your relationship is on the verge of ending, you may find yourself arguing more and more with your significant other not only about the big things but also the little things; nitpicking and criticism often surface in these arguments too, with no care for the kind of hurt you’re inflicting on the other and if you can’t seem to come to an understanding about anything, this is a sign the relationship is on its way out”.
You’re communicating less: “Are you and your partner not talking about personal or everyday things regularly anymore? if you find yourself caring less and less about what your partner has going on in their life, this distance shouldn’t be ignored”.
You’re no longer talking about the future: “When you’re in a healthy relationship, you and your partner are constantly thinking about building together, if the future was an active part of your dialogue with your partner, and the conversation begins to sound more short term, this is a major indicator that your minds are in different places”.
Distance: “Have you noticed you or your partner becoming increasingly more withdrawn?if you or your significant other would rather spend time away than together, this is a major indicator of trouble”.
You’re feeling progressively more depressed: “If you find yourself feeling more depressed, especially on the account of the relationship, this is a major warning sign that the relationship is not only on the verge of being over, but that it’s time to walk away, your relationship shouldn’t bring you down it should build you up”.
Your partner looks like a different person: “Does your partner seem to be acting out of character –talking to you differently, becoming more anxious or aggressive, wanting to do things they’ve never wanted to do before excluding you? when your partner doesn’t seem to be themselves, this “act” shouldn’t be ignored”.
You or your partner constantly threatens to leave: “These threats are usually signs of desperation in the relationship, when the relationship is on the verge of ending, these threats will begin surfacing more and more and if they’re said a lot, they can seem like empty threats but these usually indicate where your head and heart are: somewhere else”.
Your gut is telling you something’s not right: “You know that voice inside your head that tries to tell you when something’s wrong, that you often ignore when you don’t like what it’s saying? please listen to it, if something in your gut is telling you something’s not right concerning your relationship–whether you believe your partner’s head is somewhere else, or your heart is somewhere else –follow your intuition because if you don’t confront it, it will only get worse”.

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