Olaniyi Ogundele, has appeared before Ile Tuntun Customary, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, praying that his nine-year-old marriage to his wife, Monifat Ogundele, be dissolved. Olaniyi’s plea was hinged on the claim that his wife engaged in infidelity and was fond of cursing him.
“My wife is deceitful, untrustworthy and engages in immoral activities. “We met at a canteen and we got talking. We later went into a relationship.
“I lost my job along the line and she introduced me to a man whom she referred to as her brother. “I took her for her word and the man became a regular face in our house. “He helped me in securing a job, but unknown to me, he was sleeping with my wife. It was our neighbours who hinted me of what was going on between the duo.
“She denied having an affair with his ‘brother’ who I threatened to arrest with the police if I ever saw near our home or my wife again, “he said. “My wife is jealous and was always fighting and cursing me any time she sees me with the opposite s3x.
“She once fought a female customer of mine who arrested her with the police. “She was locked up in the cell and I was forced to pay N20,000 before she was released.
“My lord, any time my wife curses me, I will lose my job. This has always been the pattern. “I moved out of our home few weeks ago when she cursed me and I lost my job again,” he stated.
He is  an irresponsible man and a liar, “Monifat  who agreed to  his husband’s plea for divorce said.
“He is befriending a nurse working in front of our house.
“He is in the habit of bringing her phone to our house to charge. On one of these days, I secretly went through her SMS and came across love messages she and my husband had been exchanging. “I confronted my husband with this discovery, but he feigned ignorance. He pretended not to understand what I was saying.
“My lord, the lady in question is much younger than him and I warned him never to think of marrying her. “He later came out boldly to tell me he was getting married to her. We fought over the issue and he packed out of the house, “she concluded.
The court president, Chief Agbaje Olasunkanmi,   having listened to the couple, adjourned the case till September 8.

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