A lady based in the commercial capital of Lagos has written to Joro Olumofin about the sense of insecurity of her man which prompts him to smell her v*gina whenever they see over suspicions of s*xual affair with another man.
Read startling revelations from her relationship:
My newly fiance is a very jealous man, he proposed to me 3 months ago. Am thinking of returning the ring now.He loves me a lot, am not working now, so he pays me salary of 200k a month with hair allowee..Buh his so jealous. He deleted all males on my BBm, he goes through my likers on IG to block n unfollow people. Am worried if I want to marry him, am scared now because he likes to smell my vag!na everytime we see, to see if another mans sp'erms is inside. I don’t know what to do, my sister said he will beat me soon. Am just tired. I got a job finally and he doesn’t want me to take it. He said he will increase my salary to 250k. I love him but am scared for my safety. Can he change? I need your commenters to give me courage to leave please.
vagina smell

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