Dealing with mothers-in-law at times can be exhausting, even though some mothers-in-law can be very sweet and have a cordial relationship with their daughter-in-law but it is common for mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to always have tension in their relationship and most times the reasons for this tension might be unknown. At times, your mother-in-law not liking you has got nothing to do with your table manners or bad dress sense it might be because of other reasons unknown to you.
It is possible for two of the most important women in a man’s life which are his wife and mother to get along only if each of them can learn to honour the other person’s position in the man’s life. And you as the wife needs to take your husband’s mother as your own mother and respect her but if you do all these and your mother-in-law still doesn’t like you then the below-listed reasons are why she doesn’t like you.
“Perhaps the mother-in-law is afraid that she is losing her son to another woman., the fact is that she will always be his mother and his wife cannot take that role away from her; he is marrying a wife, not another mother but surely his heart is big enough to love them both”.
“Maybe the mother-in-law is confusing being a mother and mothering, sometimes mothers continue to treat their children as children, but he is no longer a child but still needs her love and it would be better if her love evolved from what her child needed to what her adult son needs”.
“Maybe the mother-in-law expected her daughter-in-law to be different (not necessarily in a bad way, just unexpected) from what she turned out to be, if that is the situation, it would be beneficial for everyone to be respectful to everyone else, and to remember that she is the person that the husband chose”.
“Sometimes a mother-in-law is intrusive due to lack of significance in other areas of life so finding other interests and activities would help”.
“Sometimes moms are overly attached to their children because they get much of their self-worth from them, then they have difficulty letting go when they leave home and when they get married”.

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