Men have said so many things about women of which many are false even though there might be little truths about some of those things but most parts are mere exaggerations.
Men basically use few female characters to judge the whole female gender and which is totally wrong.
Below are some of the most misconceptions men have in mind about women.
Women don’t know what they want: “This is a popular saying that most men have been associated with that men think women don’t know what they want in a man and even in some certain aspects of life, but this is hardly true; almost every woman out there knows what she loves in a man”.
Women are hard to understand: “There are so many jokes that have been used to describe the complexity of the feminine gender; there is a joke that compared women to a license agreement, this is also a misconception; women are easy to understand, all you just have to do is listen to her”.

Women are indecisive: “This is also another feminine misconception that’s false, indecision is a typical characteristic that is shared by both male and female; it has more to do with the individual than with the gender”.
All women are the same: “This isn’t just another misconception, this is a silly misconception, all women don’t think the same and surely don’t see things the same way, so all women can never be the same and there might be slight characteristics among a group of women or women in general but all women can’t be grouped to be the same”.
If she says yes quickly to you then she is easy to get: “This is also another ridiculous misconception, because if she says yes quickly to you then it’s because she’s fallen deeply for you, men claim to hate when women play the hard to get game but still ridicule a woman for accepting him easily”.
All women are only attracted to money: “Most or probably almost all men have this misconception that all women only fall for men that are wealthy or have the cash to spend, this is a misconception; there are so many single mums out there that were abandoned by the father of the child, there are so many independent women out there as well and there are also loads of women that would say no to a man even with all his wealth; so how can all women fall for only money?”.
If she is good in bed then she is probably a whore: “Men sometimes set double standards about what they like in a woman and s3x is one of them, if a lady is terrible in bed then ‘she sucks’ the man would say, and if she’s good in bed then she’s a whore”.
Women are hard to please: “Women are fragile emotionally and easy to understand as well; this makes them easy to please, if you can understand how a lady feels and what she loves then pleasing that lady would be the easiest thing in the world”.

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