Rich guys are kind of hard to deal with when it comes to relationships and love because they are always with the belief that girls are with them because of their money and with that it is always hard to break into their psyche but your ability as a lady to stand out by turning the table through your strategy, will place every odd your you favour when dealing with them.
When dealing with a rich guy, you will have to make some investment which will surely pay off at the end, below are some tips to help you get a rich guy to love and marry you but the most important thing is for you to genuinely love the guy because money cannot buy happiness. These tips are for daring chics who are ready to make things work for them.
Buy him expensive gifts: “Most of the people around these rich guys want to take from them so, if you turn the table and become the giver, you will catch his attention. Mind you, do not get him low-class stuff, find out what he loves, and get him the best or get him affordable quality things that will leave memories of you in his mind”.
Be a good listener: “These rich guys are the ones that call the shots, everybody comes to them for advice and all, they long to be heard, they want to share their inner thoughts with someone and if you can be that someone, you are in, let them know you are available whenever they want to talk”.
Be real: “These rich guys get irritated by fake personalities, they want to know you, your flaws and all so do not portray what you are not, just be you”.
Do not be desperate: “Every rich guy has an innate ability to sense a gold digger or parasite from far, and they get put off easily, they might give you what you ask for, but they will not take you seriously”.
Foot the bill: “As part of your investment, please be the one to pay once in a while when you go out, if you cannot go to the big restaurants, please go to a tush buka, by your side there”.
Dress well: “There is a culture among the rich, if you want to get in, you have to dress like them let it be part of you as dressing any how will give you off as someone who is irresponsible so cover up every skin and cleavage look smart and captivating”
Treat everybody nicely: “Appreciate people, never ask for favours or money”.
Do not show off you cocky intelligence: “Let things flow by themselves do not show off, let them under-estimate you because it is better to take them by surprise and they will love you for that”.
S3x: “Never play into their hands when it comes to s3x, play hard to get and even when they threaten to get someone else because they will respect you”.
Never take your friends along when you are going on an outing with them, except you are asked to come with them and even at that, go alone.

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