When the gap in your relationship keeps getting wider instead of the initial closeness you both shared then it will automatically turn your relationship to a strained one. Have you noticed that your partner has been distracted in your relationship and you keep asking yourself why? Below are some reasons why your partner might be drifting away and causing a major strain on your relationship.
Boredom: “Let’s keep it real, people get bored in relationships and your man’s no exception and when there isn’t effort from both parties to engage in the relationship and to keep things fun and exciting, the mind will wander”.
Emotional infidelity: “Couples often think of physical infidelity first when it comes to trust violations in the relationship and often overlook emotional infidelity but based on emotional intimacy, emotional affairs are one of the biggest threats to relationships and because they are often framed as innocent friendships, they aren’t always the easiest to detect, when there are problems in your relationship, your man may look to someone else to fill the void”.
Lack of communication: Communication is the main thread that keeps your relationship balanced, if there’s a major shift in communication and you and your man aren’t talking the way you did in the beginning of the relationship, it’s inevitable the relationship will begin to fall apart”.
Little compatibility: “When you’ve been with someone for a long time or are past the honeymoon phase of the relationship, you or your partner may realize over time that you have little compatibility or aren’t compatible at all, the minute your man realizes that you have little to nothing in common, drifting is inevitable”.
Cheating: “There’s no denying that cheating in any form will cause your man to drift, cheating not only takes away from your relationship, it destroys trust, a key element to the success of any relationship”.
Suppressed arguments: “If there are issues that your man isn’t communicating to you related to unhappiness in the relationship, they can and will turn into will turn into resentment with the relationship”.
Ongoing Arguments: “When arguments are constant, they will tear the relationship apart and while you may think you’re dealing with the confrontation by taking the issue head on, if the same things keep coming up with no set resolution, there’s an underlying issue that isn’t being dealt with, whether you or your man is fueling the argument, ongoing arguments only hurt the relationship and if not dealt with in a positive, mutual way, will cause your man to drift”.

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