There is a lot that happens during labour and delivery, especially if one have to undergo vag!inal delivery as it is this female genital that helps a woman expel babies out of the womb and goes through the stresses and strains of childbirth.
So it is only logical that a woman’s vag!na changes after delivery, although those changes are nothing drastic, but the vag!na does behave and feel differently after post pregnancy.
Below are the changes that happens to a woman’s vag!na after childbirth.
It feels different: “The best thing about the vag!na is that it is elastic in nature, a reason it can expand to the maximum while the baby is coming out of the birth canal and help in a vag!nal delivery and after delivery it does return to its normal shape but it loses some of its elasticity and this is the reason why it feels loose and wide, it also remains sore and bruised right after the delivery, which heals with time but it never goes back to its pre-pregnancy shape”.
It carries a scar: “Sometimes during the delivery the perineum refuses to tear on its own, in such cases, the doctor has to make a scar from the vag!na to the anus to make the delivery smooth and after the delivery the mother receives stitches to stitch the area and once the stitches dissolve the scar remains there for a longer time and mind you it takes time for the area to heal”.
It loses its resistance power: “Urine incontinence as it is called, since the muscles of the vag!nal walls become lose the vag!na finds it difficult to hold on the pee for long and one might leak even while sneezing or coughing, incontinence doesn’t get better with time; one might need medical help if it gets severe, to counter incontinence”
It hurts during s3x: “It does and it does for a long time, this makes one abhor s3xual intimacy and it dips one s3xual quotient with the partner, an episiotomy healing, regaining vaginal vigour all takes time and this is a reason why it takes months or sometimes years for a woman to get back her s3xual interest”.
It gets drier: “Low levels of estrogen make the vag!na go dry, this dryness can make s3x painful, give rise to uncomfortable symptoms like itching, burning, dampness that can pave way for certain infections”.

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