A man has begged relationship expert, Deidre to help him out after finding himself in a helpless predicament. Read below!
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I had a wonderful wife and a wonderful son, but now my life is in tatters because I married my sister without knowing it.
I am 39 and married late at the age of 35. I knew from an early age that I was adopted. I loved my adoptive parents but always felt I didn’t fit in. My life turned around when I met a girl at a works do.
She was five years younger than me and I was drawn to her straight away. When we got chatting, she told me she was adopted as well. Everything fell into place as I realised I had found someone who knew how it felt to be me. She had the same doubts and the same feelings of lack of connection as me.
From that day on, we were inseparable. It felt like we’d finally found where we truly belonged. A year later, we got married and had a wonderful son who is now three. Like a fool, I felt there was one missing piece of the jigsaw and wanted to find my real mum.
Even that would have all been OK but I urged my wife to find hers too. We could do it together, I said. So the long and the short of it is that we tracked down our mums and ended up in the same rotten place.
We found out we had the same mum. My wife was devastated and she moved out with our son pretty much the same day.

She said she felt dirty inside. I’ve tried to persuade her that we’re still the same people who fell madly in love but she just won’t listen and blames this whole mess on me.
We are now divorced and she has moved out of the area, taking our son with her. I am having to go through the courts just to see him again. I know I’m drinking too much but people are laughing at me behind my back.
I’m desperate, and need to do something to block out the pain.

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