What is this world turning into? I’m very sure this world is coming to an end very soon. So let’s stop any bad thing we’ve been doing or that’s in our mind.
Imagine a lady biological father trying to put his hand in his daughter p ant in the middle of the night, please tell me what his is trying to do…wanna have s*x or finger her?
A 21-year-old lady shares an unbelievable story of her father trying to put his hand in her pr!vate part in the middle of the night.
Below is what she said:-
Pls i want you guys to publish this and keep me anonymous pls.
So yesterday after my father came into my room by 11pm to say goodnight and he left to sleep and not quite long i slept off and i don’t keep this i sleep alot in fact if they want to wake me sometimes in the morning they have to hit me hard before i wake up.
As i was saying, after i slept off, i started feeling a soft touch on my body. I felt the hand starting from my bre@.$t and suddenly down to my pant. I was shocked and wake up suddenly and the person i found touching me was my father and what he did next was shocking. He went on his knee and begged me not to tell anyone especially my mum.
Pls my dear dad, brothers, sisters, and friends what do you think i need to do….should i tell my mum?
Pls i need your advise. Thanks.

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