A woman has narrated how her husband pushed her into threesome s*x and how things backfired in a very bad way.
*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
When my partner kept going on and on about wanting a threesome I finally gave in, but now it’s left me feeling dirty. I loved that man. I gave up everything to be with him — my home, my family and my marriage.
I met him two years ago when he came to fit a new sink in our kitchen. He said he could do other work round the house so he came back several times to do small jobs. He was very flirty and one afternoon we had s*x.
It made me feel wanted and we started a passionate affair. Before long he asked me to leave my husband, promising he would treat me right. I am 28 now, he is 34.
I thought I had found happiness at last. My husband was controlling and men have never treated me well.
A family friend sexually abused me when I was a child. I never told anyone because everybody liked him and I thought nobody would believe me.
Then all my boyfriends cheated on me. Even my husband was a player. Things were great with my new partner at first but then he started asking me to have a threesome. I told him no but he said that I would do it if I loved him.
He never stopped going on about it and I eventually agreed.
He fixed it up and he gave me a drink and diazepam beforehand, to relax me. The other man was a mate of his. It was horrible and I was in bits afterwards. He changed towards me after that. He started coming home late and treating me like rubbish. One night I looked on his phone while he was asleep and found that he was cheating on me with another woman.
I confronted him and he said I was crazy and walked out, saying he did not want to be with me now. He took everything from me and left me like I was nothing, but I just cannot seem to move on.

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