This is a story of how one Victoria is bitter after her boss ráped her in his office and there is nothing she can do about it for fear of being thrown into the job market.
“Dear Readers
My name is Victoria, a 28-year-old woman. I work with a new generation bank in Lagos State and I have a sad story to tell. I have been a victim of sáxual harassment in my office as my boss ráped me inside his office. I got the job after searching for one for over three years and with the current situation in the country, I don’t know if I will be lucky to get a new job if I leave this one.
It was in May when our branch manager sent for me and when I got to his office, he told me that he had a special assignment for me after closing hours. It was not a new thing for a staff to be told to stay back if there was something for him to do. So I did not see anything sinister in the request, so after closing, I went to his office to let him know but he told me to wait for him at the reception hall.
I was to wait there for over three hours when he called me to come to his office. By now, almost all the staff members had gone home leaving only a handful of workers behind. When I got to his office, my boss told me he was busy and that I should make myself comfortable while he rounded up. After like 30 minutes, he stood up, went and locked the door and came to sit beside me on the sofa. I was shocked and asked him why he locked the door but he told me he did not want anyone to come to his office as the assignment he had for me demanded privacy.
I was still not convinced with his explanation but his next action took me by surprise as he suddenly held me and drew me closer to him. It was so sudden that before I could get my balance, he had placed his mouth over mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth.
I struggled to free myself and asked him if that was the assignment he told me he had for me and he answered by saying he had been wanting to sleep with me for a long time. I told him I could not sleep with him as he was not only married but my boss but he was past caring as he suddenly grabbed me and threw me to the seat, tearing my top in the process.
I screamed as I fought him but he was too strong and had me pinned down and tore my clothes, leaving me almost náked. When I knew I would not be able to fight him, I resorted to crying and begging him to let me go but he told me nothing would make him not to have his way with me.
He succeeded in ráping me that night, after which he begged me to forgive him, that he did not know what came over me. I was so mad at him that I did not care about what he was saying. While I tried to gather my clothes, he brought out a wad of money and gave me but I told him to keep his money and stormed out of his office, cursing him as I left.
It has been two months now and I am still hurt and bitter over the incident. I don’t know if I should report him to the management or just let go. I know he will victimize me if I dare report him and the management of the bank may not take action against a senior manager.
I have not been able to tell anyone of the assault, not even my fiance or my parents but it is eating me up and my productivity has dwindled as a result.

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