A woman has been left in serious pains after narrating to relationship expert, Deidre how she caught her husband having s*x with her bridesmaid.
My husband wrecked our wedding, leaving me to walk home alone in tears. When I got there, I found him in our bed with another woman. He then took her on what should have been our honeymoon. My dream of a white wedding turned into a horror show.
I am 25 and he is 31. We got married this summer. I saved for our big day for two years while he kept drinking down the pub with his mates. By Easter, he had nothing saved to pay for the hall, flowers or caterers so I gave him the money but he ended up spending that on booze too.
I only found out days before the wedding and had to rush around for alternatives. I had a beautiful £800 wedding dress ordered but he took that money too and drove me to the local supermarket to find a cheap replacement. Then, on our wedding day, he was all dressed up in an expensive suit but laughed at me, saying I looked like a tramp.
I should have left him then but his family acted like bodyguards and wouldn’t let my family anywhere near me. They drank loads and behaved horribly.
One picked a fight with my cousin, knocked over flowers and dropped the wedding cake on the floor. Then they went off to dance, leaving me to clear up. It took me three hours.
I ended up walking back to our flat by myself, sobbing, only to find my new husband having s*x with an ex who his mother insisted be a bridesmaid. When I cried, he said I was pathetic and he’d have more fun with her — so he took her to his uncle’s caravan at the seaside for a week, which was supposed to have been our honeymoon.
I’ve now met a man at work who thinks I’m wonderful. He is 28 and treats me with respect and kindness. When I found the courage to tell him about my marriage, he said I should leave my husband and be with him. Or should I stay where I am and hope things will improve?

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