A woman has shared her sad experience with relationship expert, Deidre after revealing a dirty secret with her ex-husband.
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My husband left me for someone else six years ago and I now feel like “the other woman” because we are still meeting for great s*x. He left me for an employee he was having an affair with. We had been together for ten years and have three little boys.
My husband is 45 and I’m 35. He runs a dry-cleaning business and I am a stay-at-home mum. I thought things were fine. We had no money worries and still had a loving relationship with a normal s*x life.
Business was good, so my husband took on a new employee. She’s 30 and he told me she’d been left with a mountain of debts when her husband left her.
My husband is really soft-hearted and he took pity on her, letting her move into the flat above one of his shops. He started coming home later, saying she needed training, but how hard can it be to take a customer’s name and put their clothes in a machine?
I’ve done it lots of times when it’s been busy. He made the biggest fool of himself when I found lipstick on his shirt. You’d think he of all men could get rid of the evidence but there it was for all to see. When I confronted him, he admitted he was sleeping with her. He had the nerve to say they were “soulmates” yet he had known her just weeks.
I threw him out and he ran straight into her arms. He now visits me for s*x when the boys are at school. He won’t leave her, though.
He says the boys should stay with him at weekends but they are upset and I don’t want them to go. If everything is OK with this woman, why does he still want to have s*x with me? Everything is such a mess.

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