A woman has narrated how the boyfriend's sister lured her into lesbianism and she has been practicing it for 3 years now.
*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
A Nigerian woman has cried out for help after the boyfriend's sister initiated her into lesb ianism. She narrated how it all started to Cynthia Valerian Raphaels who posted the sad story on social media. 
Madam, it all started like this, my boyfriend of 5 years, begged me to allow his sister stay in my house and do her youth service. I can't say no because I live in a two bedroom. I don't even know how to tell this my story! You see madam I wasn't a les bian before but his sister introduced me to it. Whenever I am sleeping , she will be touching me my whole body, pressing my Br east, fondling them. I will shout at her , kept telling her to stop, some days she stop, sometimes she won't. I just don't know how devil led me into this act madam? The night she took me unawares was when I woke up and she was suc king me, I tried to stop her she didn't stop and it got to my whole body. Sometimes she touch me I say no, sometimes she takes control of me and I loose it.
She has lived with me for 3 years and we have gone deep into this act that I feel jealous when she talks to other ladies . She found a job and is close to my house. Her brother is the one paying part of the house rent since she joined me. Even sometimes my boyfriend travels all the way to see me, I don't want to hurt her by sleeping with her brother because she will be in the other room hearing my shouting and screams. Madam is their any way I can stop this act entirely? It's eating me up . How can I even marry a man who I am in such act with his junior sister ? What should I do ? I am 33 years my man is 35 years . His sister is 30 years.

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