A woman who is cheating with a man engaged to marry has begged for help on how to overcome a cheating predicament. Read her story below!
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I am having s*x with a guy who has got engaged and I really want to tell his future wife. But he’s like a drug to me and when he asks for s*x, I can’t refuse.
I’m a girl of almost 19 and will be off to university next month. I work part-time in a pub and I got chatting to a regular, who is a bit older than me at 25. We had been talking for weeks when one night he offered to walk me home.
The conversation turned s*xual. He asked me how many partners I’d had. I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. When I said I was single, he said: “I bet you’re desperate for it,” and kissed me. I was shocked but I soon melted into his arms.
He asked me out for a drink the following night, as I didn’t have a shift. We had s*x on that first date in the back of his car. It was pretty wild. We started meeting up at his flat, in his car or where he works at the vaping shop he runs for his mate. We would go in the storeroom when it was quiet and have s*x.
Then he texted to say he was getting engaged to his girlfriend, so I backed off. But he contacted me again two weeks ago and said: “I want s*x.”

I know we aren’t in a relationship but I wanted it too. My parents were on holiday, so he stayed the night. It was fantastic to have the place to ourselves. I like him for the s*x but I would like more from him too.
I think I’m falling for him. His fiancĂ©e has a right to know what he’s up to, doesn’t she? I want to get in touch with her via Facebook and tell her but I also don’t want to drop him in it. And I still like having s*x with him in dangerous places.

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