What someone eats and drinks can significantly influence the taste of their seminal and vagi.nal fluids.
Why the link between food and flavor down there? You might ask.
C’um, like other bodily fluids, is representative of general health. “You can see the effects of what the body takes in by looking at what it releases.
Keeping the outside part of your Veejay clean is the very easy part. What is tough is managing the juices which are in a state of giant, near constant bacteria war, a war which giant armies are either murdered or raised in a matter of hours.
Women have pretty unique vagi.nal bacterial finger print, and thus unique taste.
Note: Every woman should avoid alcohol __ smoking will make the taste of your body’s juice turn sour. If you already smoke and are about to defensively insist that your juice taste like peach nectar, just imagine how sumptuous you would taste if you kicked the habit.
Eating large amounts of PINEAPPLE  not only makes it taste better, but also sweeter and more juicy
Note: Good personal hygiene is also needed
Maintain a healthy diet and keep your MISS THING very clean.

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