A woman who has been having an affair has confessed to relationship expert, Deidre about her predicament.

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I tried to end my long-term affair but had s*x with my lover instead. I’m married with two little sons and I’m back to square one. My husband is a fabulous dad and we have been together for eight years. I’m 29 and he is 30.
He has no idea I’ve been having an on-off affair throughout our married life. I only took time out from my lover when each of my children was born. My lover is 20 years older than me and a real alpha male. He runs his own business and knows how to live.
I met him at a trade show not too long after getting engaged. He came to my stand and asked about products and prices and all kinds of things.
As I was just standing in for a colleague, I wasn’t too sure of myself but he was very pleasant and said he was sorry for taking so much of my time. Then he invited me out for a drink to say thanks.
He was so gorgeous I couldn’t say no and we ended having s*x in his hotel bed. Afterwards, I went home and got on with my life. He would call me up now and again and I would make up excuses to my fiance, then have a boozy night out followed by fabulous s*x in a four-star hotel.
I got married the following year but our secret affair carried on. He’s now married himself but says nothing has changed.
I love him so much. I do love my husband but it’s more like the love for a friend. I decided I just had to end the affair but my lover persuaded me not to and the s*x that night was better than ever. His motto is “live for the day” and so I did a U-turn and decided: “Why not?”

I don’t know what to do. I keep changing my mind. I know what I’m doing is wrong but it makes my life edgy and fun.

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