Surely honesty is the best policy and it is important to be sincere in a relationship. But, at times, guys just cross the limit while making honest confessions.
They don’t realize that while they are acting super honest, they’re actually demeaning their girl.

Things That Girls Hate To Listen are:

1. You are just like my ex: It’s such an insult. And doesn’t that also mean, the guy has not yet got over his ex. Come out with your snoopy hood and find out what’s cooking.
2. Are you pregnant?: We girls are human, and we often tend to put on weight in the wrong places. But when guys ask us such a question looking at the little bump covering our stomach, it’s so irritating. It sounds like their 90-year old granny is asking such a question through them.
3. How old are you?: Age is something so personal that we keep it to ourselves and share it only with family, close girl friends and husbands. If they don’t fall in any of these categories, then they don’t have the right to ask such questions.

4. This dress makes you look fat: So what if we ourselves ask our guy how a dress looks on us. Someone go and tell the guys that we aren’t interested in your opinion, what we are secretly hoping to hear is a simple,’No baby, not at all.’
5. What’s your weight?: This is next to asking a girl her age. No matter if she is light as a feather or heavy as a stone, every girl is super conscious about her weight. It’s such a sensitive issue. Guys who ask such a question just come across as freaks who’ve lost their manners in the pit.
6. I don’t like your new hairstyle: Our hair is the most beautiful feature of our personality and that feature which can be flaunted the most. We take a lot of trouble to groom them.
Even if our new hairstyle looks horrendous, at least guys can reserve their comments in their mind and appreciate us for our efforts. But, they spoil the show by saying such things.
7. You’re just like my Mom: Guys think that they are complimenting us while they’re saying this. But, don’t you think girls, it sounds like comparison? So, what do they mean by that? Tomorrow if you don’t behave like your guy’s Mom, he dump you. Enough to raise our temper.
8. I’m better than your Dad: No matter who comes in our life when we grow up, our fathers will always be our hero.There can be no comparison. So, this one phrase is like insulting our dad, our family and our upbringing.

9. I can’t stand your best friend: We girls are very possessive about our best friends. Anyone saying anything bad about our bestie automatically becomes our enemy, even if he’s our very own boyfriend. So what if our best friend is noisy, bitchy, obnoxious and irritating to the core, guys have to learn to deal with her or face our wrath.
10. That girl is hot: This is the biggest sin that a guy can ever commit and mind you, we girls can come up with our own conclusions about the guy’s character. These are things that they can talk with their guy friends, but definitely not with their girlfriend.We know that guys’ libido is a little too high, but that doesn’t give them the right to appreciate another beauty when one is by their side.
11. Didn’t you wear the same dress the other day: We spend hours and hours of our

life shopping and picking out the most unique dresses and stack our wardrobes with so many dresses. And then, one fine day, our guy remarks we repeated our outfit.Feels like stabbing him when you hear this.
12. I don’t want to get married: It seems commitment and guys are poles apart. That’s why, whenever we are slowly and steadily moving towards the million dollar question, they tend to make this statement and devastate us.
13. I forgot to get you a gift: We know guys are idiots who often forget to get gifts. But, if it’s a special day and if they forget a gift, it’s totally annoying. To top it, if they confess that they forgot, it’s even more annoying.
14. Are you sure eating this won’t make you fat?: Half of our life is spent in dieting and losing weight. On some special occasion, we visit the ice cream parlor. When we are just about to take the first scoop near our mouth, our extra concerned guy comes and asks us this question.

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