erectile dysfunctionMost people have this notion that missionary style is boring but missi0nary s3x style can be fun with a bunch of reasons only if guys will take advantage of all the perks this s3x position offers.
“Having her body beneath you and yearning for you can be a total turn on, but you must also remember to show her a good time with these moves”. Below are 3 things you should do during missionary style.
Whisper sweet nothings: “Being on top of her means you have easy access to watch her reactions and talk to her so consider whispering in her ears, how s3xy you find her and how much she turns you on as dirty talk also heighten your fun and pleasure because she is able to watch you and revel in the things you are saying”.
Maintain eye contact: “The Missi0nary position is one of the few s3x positions where eye contact and intimacy can be established, a lot of women find it difficult to maintain eye contact with their partners during s3x so if this sounds like your woman, make her look at you as it will help you connect better and make s3x even better for her and it also gives you a chance to look into her eyes as you 0rgasm, this can be one of the strongest bonding experience ever”.
Remember her legs: “Even a slight adjustment of her legs can give you an intense variation of sensation, rise her legs up, tighten them together or simply have them wrap around you not only does it feel good for you, moving her legs this way will make it more likely that you will stimulate all the right spots in her vag!na, which will help her 0rg@Sm”

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