It is possible for people in a long time relationship to find s3x less exciting than when the relationship is fresh so if you or your woman gets bored with s3x in your relationship then it normal but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take out time to spice up your act in the bedroom.
So if your woman seems uninterested in s3x or she has outrightly said she is finding things dull in bed, below are 3 things you can do to reignite the spark in your s3x life.
Make her the boss: “If it has always been missionary or doggy style s3x between you two where you always take the lead, then it might be time to relinquish control; only she knows what can make her feel good so give her a chance to explore so try the cowgirl position, s3x on a chair, etc are great ways to encourage her”.
Be spontaneous: “If night time s3x is getting boring, give it a twist by doing it out of the bedroom probably catching her unaware in the kitchen as she finishes preparing dinner or in the study when she is stuck with her boring presentation”.
Get Kinky: “If you have been too used to regular s3x for a long time, then it might be time to get kinky, we all know that s3x should be about showing love, but it could also about enjoying the act itself so look for fun ways to spice up your s3x life,  get kinky and add more hit depending on how you both enjoy it”.

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