When on a first date with someone you are really getting to know, there are some things you don’t have to spill about yourself but that does not mean you should be fake or be uncomfortable, you have to be yourself. Since both of you are trying to impress each other on a first date it is always easy to fall out of line and be fakey about some things but you need to watch it.
Below are ways you could be showing off your fake side in a bid to make a love connection.
Arguing about something you aren’t passionateabout: “When your date brings up a hot topic in politics or just something going on in the world, you take a very passionate stance on the matter but in reality, you really haven’t been following it. In fact, you do a quick Google search on your phone when your date is in the bathroom so you have something to say”
Pretending you care about partying: “He’s telling you crazy stories about his love for partying and because you don’t want to seem boring so you pull out some old wild story about a night you had too much to drink but truthfully, you only have that one story to tell because you don’t really like partying that much”.
Acting financially stable: “Your date is going so well that the two of you start planning other dates, he talks about planning some big event with your friends and his and you say you’re all in, but really, you’re kind of broke and you know you can’t afford all that”.
Being totally agreeable: “Your date says something you find a little egotistical, rude, or something you just don’t agree with, you laugh it off because you don’t want to be argumentative on a first date”.

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