Let’s accept it, all women have secrets that men may never get to know and sometimes maybe it is just because you don’t need to know but to save men from their curiosity about things women hide from them we will be telling you are few things.
“Women hide these kinds of stuff for reason best known to them, it could be from shyness or necessity and sometimes they feel divulging these things will have an adverse effect on their relationship.
Below are some things women hide from their men.
Past Relationships: “Past relationships lie buried deep in a woman’s satchel named ‘Memories’, do what you may like, but you will never be able to unearth unless she decides to tell you, just accept that she’s had a life before you happened to her so quit trying to dig out things from her by asking pestering questions”.
Flings-capades: “While you may feel that your girl has divulged her most intimate experiences with you, she might be hiding her share of “fun experiments”, most women are afraid of being judged for their character, while others felt that sharing their ‘dirty little secrets’ would make their current partner insecure and jealous”.
Insecurities: “They may never accept these up front or out loud, but yes, women too harbour insecurities but wait till they open up to you.”
Emotions: “Women talk about their emotions only when it’s a life or it’s a life or death situation but otherwise they are just closed books, hard to be deciphered and even though you may try your chance once and if she is yet put off, let her be but f you are lucky enough, a soft rub on her shoulder, a passionate kiss should do the trick and have her revealing her emotions”.
Die-hard habits: “Most women live with such habits that make them cringy perfectionists and she may not want to share these with you as you may term her a psycho that’s just who she is so if she wants the towels on the bath hangers every morning, they better be that way and if cleaning is an everyday ritual that chokes her when skipped, she will follow it religiously for the rest of her life, these habits and many more, she may not share with you but if you find out about them on your own accord, just accept them”.

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