Every relationship is subject to challenges and even though some of those challenges may be unintentional but they can be detrimental to the relationship which can eventually lead to the end of the relationship.
There are some common mistakes that men make which are harmful to the growth of their relationship and understanding the reasons why these mistakes are made can help most men understand what to do to avoid them in the future. Below are some common mistakes men make that is harmful to the development of their relationships.
Dishonesty: “Honesty is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, having the ability to trust another person is a key factor in developing strong interpersonal bonds, lying, cheating, or withholding information from a loved one can make them question their ability to trust and once trust is damaged or lost, it can be difficult to repair, which is why it is important to be truthful so avoid testing relationships and partners by being open and communicative”.

Selfishness: “No one wants to feel as though they are second best in a relationship, which is why it is so important to be thoughtful of others, there are many ways to be unselfish, including considering others’ needs, having empathy, and treating people with respect so striving for kindness in all relationships can lead to improved communication and general feelings of well-being”.
Inflexibility: “Being flexible is necessary for the long-term health of relationships, making time for others shows their importance, while spontaneity often helps strengthen existing bonds, supporting a partner’s interests is a great way to show flexibility, as well as love and respect and this also, applies to how partners face hardships as a team as people often fall into routines, so trying new things together can also help improve emotional closeness and create lasting memories”.
Hostility: “Disagreements are an inevitable and are a healthy part of relationships because they help to improve communication between partners, being able to disagree with a loved one without hostility or violence shows maturity and respect and it also signals a healthy attitude toward criticism and personal self-improvement so making an effort to address how hostility makes a partner feel is a good way to be mindful during disagreements”.
Pessimism: “Pessimism can have a very real effect on the development of relationships, the power of positive thinking is the belief that positive thoughts have a marked effect on health and well-being, a healthy, positive attitude toward life helps build confidence and also helps individuals cope with challenging life events”.

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