“If you are about to get married, then apart from the changes of the new life, you also need to gear up to face the idiotic and sometimes way too personal, and definitely unsolicited, advice that people will send your way because the moment you get engaged, people will start swarming you with a variety of advice”. Advice abounds for people who just tied the knot, and to some degree, hearing about the experiences of others can be helpful but too often, friends and family members make awkward, embarrassing, or downright annoying comments to newlyweds.
Below are some annoying things people will say that will make you cringe.
Unsolicited s3x advice: “Questions about what protection to use, how often you should have s3x, and jokes and phrases with s3xual innuendos will be bombarded on you, sometimes from the very next day of your wedding”.
Family planning: “When and how many children a couple decides to have should be their lookout and not someone else’s business”.
Adjustments: “This is mostly directed towards the bride — advice and suggestions about how you need to make adjustments and blend in the new family will definitely chew your mind”.
How to be a good wife: “Waking up early, cooking, looking after the house and not complaining a bit you will hear a lot of it as a new bride, so keep your cool”.

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